Social and economic situation of the municipal formation

Location and Brief Description of the MF

The Municipal formation Gelendzhik city-resort is located in the southwest of the Krasnodar region. The total length of the border of the town is 251 km. The area of the entire Municipal Formation is 122,754 hectares, and that one of Gelendzhik town is 1,925 hectares. The length of the coastline along the Black Sea (from Novorossiysk city to the Tuapse district) is 102 km. The population is more than 112 thousand people. The average population density is 73.8 people per 1 The structure of the urban district includes the town of Gelendzhik (a city of the regional subordination) and 20 villages, 7 of which have health resort direction and access to the sea.

The climate is Mediterranean. The average summer temperature is 24 degrees in summer and 4 degrees in winter. There are 250 days of sunshine days per year; the swimming season lasts from May to October; the average temperature of the sea water is 15.5 degrees and is up to 28 degrees in summer. There are more than 100 pebbled beach areas, with a total length of more than 20 thousand meters and hydro mineral resources on the territory of the resort. 18 sites of mineral water and 5 hyperpiestic water springs are registered here. 90% of the resort territory is occupied by forests. The climatic resources of Gelendzhik create good conditions for treatment.

Transport Accessibility

Gelendzhik is located 182 km from the regional center – the city of Krasnodar, 40 km from the nearest railway hub – the city of Novorossiysk, and 100 km from the nearest airport in Anapa. Communication with the city is carried out by the federal highway M-4 Novorossiysk-Moscow. From the city of Krasnodar, it is possible to go to the resort town of Gelendzhik through the town of Goryachiy Klyuch (190 km) or through the city of Novorossiysk (182 km). There is a well-developed network of primary and secondary roads within the resort town connecting the settlements, which are parts of the Gelendzhik district.

The Gelendzhik Airport is an "Air Gates" of the city; it opened great prospects for tourism on the Black Sea and multiplied the overall investment attractiveness of Gelendzhik in the world tourism market. The airstrip has a size of 3,100 m x 60 m. The purpose of the reconstruction is receipting mainline aircrafts, such as TU-154, YaK-42, TU-204 and TU-334 and their foreign analogues for air passenger transportation by air. The total cost of the project amounted to more than 8 billion rubles. The design capacity of the airport complex is 900 thousand passengers per year. The Gelendzhik Airport has a status of a passenger international airport of the IV class.

The area for construction of the railway in two directions – to Novorossiysk and to Abinsk – was reserved with the establishing of the railway transport hub and a train station near the village of Kabardinka.

Development of the network of marine communication will ensure high availability to the town from the sea. Two marinas for a yacht station of different categories and two yacht clubs are planned to be constructed. 11 berths are planned to be constructed as well; they will be located both in the town and in the resort areas, on a land plot of about 6.9 hectares along the coast between the village of Kabardinka, the town of Gelendzhik and the city of Novorossiysk, and it will be a special economic zone of the port type.

Social and Economic Situation

Construction, health resort and tourist complex and transport industry are main sectors of the economy of the town forming a budget of the resort.

The social and economic development of the resort town is characterized by progressive and dynamic development of all sectors of the economy, growth in the volume of shipped goods (works and services) of own production in almost all industries in current prices, increasing incomes of the population and increasing the level of employment of the working population as well.

The increased investment activity contributes to maintaining a positive economic growth rates. Attracting additional investments is a key factor of the economic growth.

Gelendzhik takes an active part in the annual "Sochi" Russian Investment Forum.

Investors’ interest in Gelendzhik shows investment projects being implemented in the territory of the resort. More than 10 large-scale investment projects with a total amount of investments of over 26 billion rubles are being implemented on the territory of the Municipal Formation today.

Increased investment activity and investments in large-scale projects entail high rates of economic development of the whole territory of the resort town of Gelendzhik. Analysis of the dynamics of investment processes in Gelendzhik gives grounds to speak about the growth of investment attractiveness of the resort. Over the past 2 years, the volume of investments amounted to about 5 billion rubles, more than 60% of which is accounted for by the construction of the sanatorium-resort complex, which is a town-forming industry of the resort.